Tuesday, February 15, 2011

We will always miss you!

Drew was Aaron's little brother. I did not have the opportunity to meet him, because he passed away shortly after Aaron and I met. Life really is so short. This little guy died at the age of 7 years old all because of the flu. God has His purposes, and we can not forget that. I know the Drew is missed, and I pray that some day Aaron and I can see him in heaven.

Drew is with grandma Durgeloh. (Linda's mom). Grandma passed away a few years back. She was a sweet, and caring lady who loved to do things for other people. Aaron and I do miss grandma a lot. I pray that she is in heaven with Drew watching over us.

Taylor and Tyson. They are so cute? These precious little ones are my cousins (Megan) children. Megan is Mike and Andes daughter. I will post a picture of Megan and her husband once I retrieve one. For now, these are all you have to enjoy.

Tyson (Aunt Andy's grandson) is so cute. Aaron and I really enjoyed visiting over at their home that day. I can't remember what we ate, but I do know that the food was good, and the vanilla ice cream that Ande made in the ice cream machine was delicious. We try to go over to Mike and Ande's at least once a month. I have been learning with Ande some new recipes to make for Aaron. It is a a time to visit, and learn new ways of cooking. Aaron and I look forward to going over there. It usually is the highlight of his week.